In these classes children:

  • Have fun, enjoying new ways of moving and learning about their bodies
  • Have an opportunity to enjoy being quiet and still and relaxed
  • Develop an awareness of how moving and breathing affects how they feel, and vice versa
  • Learn simple techniques to help manage their feelings

I believe that Yoga can help us all, whatever age, to be active and healthy and to manage and enjoy our busy and sometimes stressful lives.

My Yoga classes for children include movement, music, rhymes and stories, games and simple breath awareness activities. They also include guided relaxation, using stories and relaxation techniques appropriate to children.

My teen yoga classes introduce students to the relationship between mind, body and breath with a non-competetive approach to Yoga that can help ease discomfort, improve strength, flexibility and co-ordination, and develop self understanding. Classes include yoga postures, movement sequences, breath awareness and relaxation.

As well as being a teacher trainer on the Calm for Kids Yoga Teacher Training Programme I have completed the Massage in Schools Programme ‘peer massage instructor’ course.

Clients include:

  • Teenagers: 2010 onwards, private group classes for teens including those completing their Duke of Edinburgh bronze and silver awards
  • St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School – Summer 2014: PE enrichment sessions, staff and pupils, Reception through to Year 6
  • Brackenbury Primary School (formerly Portslade Infants): 2007 to 2013, weekly curriculum enrichment ‘Relaxercise’ classes, key stage 1 (Reception through to Year 2). These classes incorporated yoga, breath awareness, relaxation and positive touch/peer massage activities. This combination proved to be an extremely effective way for children to be active, develop body awareness, strength and mobility, and also to experience calm. Under the guidance of their class teacher children were able to practice aspects of the relaxercise classes, including peer massage activities, with their fellow classmates between sessions.
  • West Sussex adoption service: 2009, a series of yoga classes for families
  • East Sussex Educational Pshychology Service: 2009, consultant/ staff trainer for the 2009 ‘Boris Can Beat It’ resource pack for primary schools; an intervention to overcome anxiety and worry
  • Village Under 5s nursery, Portslade – 2010 onwards: Occasional sessions