I enjoy teaching a wide variety of classes to students of all ages in Brighton and surrounding areas. I also teach workshops and weekends around the country and I work 1:1 with individuals in my dedicated 1:1 space, the yoga shed.

I have been teaching yoga since 1997 when I graduated from a 2 year teacher training course led by Mary Stewart and Sophy Hoare. Along with a team of experienced and interesting colleagues I have, for many years, been training yoga teachers on the BWY accredited London Yoga Teacher Training Course.

I am also a Feldenkrais Practitioner and member of the Feldenkrais Guild UK. I teach regular Feldenkrais classes as well as Yoga and Feldenkrais workshops and I also give 1:1 Feldenkrais Functional Integration lessons and 1: 1 yoga tuition.

Lisa McRory YogaMy teaching emphasises attentiveness both in movement and in the stiller breath awareness practices. Both can then become meditative and help to develop a wider body/self awareness. Visit my classes page for details of my group classes.