I enjoy teaching a wide variety of classes to students of all ages in Brighton and surrounding areas. I also teach workshops and weekends around the country and I work with individuals and small groups in my dedicated movement space, the Yoga Shed.

As well as being a Yoga teacher and Yoga teacher trainer for many years on the British Wheel of Yoga certificated London Yoga Teacher Training Course I am also a Feldenkrais Practitioner and member of the Feldenkrais Guild UK. I teach regular Feldenkrais classes as well as Yoga and Feldenkrais workshops and I give individual Feldenkrais Functional Integration lessons and yoga tuition.

Both Yoga and Feldenkrais inform my understanding, as do the principles of Mindfulness Meditation, a practice that I first began to explore in 2014.

Lisa McRory YogaMy teaching emphasises attentiveness both in movement and in the stiller breath awareness practices. Both can then become meditative and help to develop a wider body/self awareness. Visit my Weekly Class Timetable page for details of my group classes.