Awareness Through Movement – lessons for life and living

Feldenkrais was created by Moshe Feldenkrais, an eminent physicist, engineer and Judo teacher who was interested in helping people with pain, injury and chronic health conditions to heal. He developed a method of learning through movement to help people reach their full potential.

In a Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement (ATM) class the teacher talks you through a sequence of movements that works like a physical riddle: how do your habits of movement help you, but at the same time stand in the way of doing better?

The other, intimately related, aspect of the Feldenkrais method is Functional Integration (FI). An FI is a 1:1 lesson where, guided by the practitioner’s touch, you engage your curiosity, gently and at your own rate, and you learn to explore the world of your internal sensation.

The practitioner facilitates your learning so that you can use the resulting increased awareness to release chronic patterns of tension and create new movement possibilities. You may find similar development in the flexibility of your thinking and feeling.

I give 1:1 Functional Integration lessons in my garden studio and I also teach weekly Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classes. In addition I lead regularĀ Feldenkrais and Yoga workshops as both myself and my students find the two approaches complement each other and make for engagingĀ  lessons that inform life and living.